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  Pack and Ship Training for Mail Box Stores and Other Packing and Shipping Businesses
Packing Shipping Training
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Learn how to pack and ship with one of our most popular products. This video and manual teaches packing and shipping rules:
Video training on packaging and shipping in retail shipping and parcel stores and any business that has to pack and ship
Manual that trains the trainer and trainee, editable training and operational forms on a CD, and specifics on the 4 major carrier services -- DHL, Federal Express, UPS, and US Postal Service
Domestic Shipping and International Shipping Basic Training
Editable information to hold your own packing and shipping training classes and courses

Developed for anyone who needs to learn packing and shipping, Basic Packaging and Shipping 101 has training forms and a manual that are interactive with the video. Filmed in a successful mailbox store, the training program suggested in the trainer's guide tells how the program courses helps one to learn visually, audibly, and physically.

The video starts with the very basics: how to measure and weigh, how to determine length plus girth, how to determine dimensional weight, etc. It continues with rules for services and value. Major common carrier rules are highlighted in the video, and specifics with carriers are covered in the store manual.

The video covers several different methods of packaging, starting with unbreakable items, next are semi-fragile items, and then fragile items. Perishable shipments are covered, showing how to pack with frozen gel packs and dry ice.

Different packaging materials, shipping containers, ways of preparing items before packaging, and labeling are shown, too. In addition, there is a discussion on taking in customer prepackaged items and red flags of which to be aware.

Parts of the video and the manual cover four of the major carriers for both domestic and international shipping. (See Manual Description below). This video and its manual contain information for shipping within the United States, and standard U.S. requirements and measures are used.

Included with this video is our most popular manual. Interactive with the video and used as an ongoing reference manual for any business that has a packing and shipping facility, this manual includes the following:

  • Training Suggestions
  • Video Questions
  • Training Checklist for "on the job" training
  • Final Training Test
  • Domestic Shipping Training Section
  • International Shipping Training Section
  • Information on the 4 major carriers: UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL
  • Illustrations of carrier forms, most completed as an example
  • Glossary of Shipping Terms
  • Operational Forms
  • CD Rom with the training and operational forms in Microsoft Word

35 Minutes DVD + Store Manual

Pack and Ship Training for Mail Box Stores and Packing and Shipping Businesses
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Basic Packaging & Shipping 101 has become standard training material here at The Mail Depot. The combination of manual and video has organized the training of new employees. The added benefit is that Basic Packaging & Shipping 101 has provided us with one place to look to find information on carriers plus basic packing techniques.
--Josephine Wheeler
The Mail Depot

I love your training videos. They standardize our training for packers, and when someone forgets or packs incorrectly, I simply hand them the video. I love that test!!!
-- Maryo Mogannam
The Postal Chase

My wife has worked in the stores only briefly over the years, but, with your training materials, conducted the training as if she has worked there all the time.
-- Will Tabor
The Mail Chute

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