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Building crates is a good market to tap, and this video is a great basic training tool for anyone who wants to get into this packing and shipping profit center. Also, it gives the seasoned crate builder ideas on different designs and methods of crating.

We show how to make three basic crates in this video, other variations of crate design and style are presented, lumber is discussed, and cutting and assembling instructions are shown.

Included with this crating video is a booklet that gives marketing ideas, shows graphics from the video with notes made for you on major points, and it has cut diagrams to help you calculate dimensions for various style crates.

You don't want to invest in power tools until you've checked your business's market for crating? Check your local Home Depot or Lowes. They may cut lumber to your specifications for pocket change.

We suggest that you try The Packaging Expert software free for 90 days to assist you with quoting and building large item for crating and custom box services.

30 Minutes DVD + Store Manual

Quickly quote Crate Building and Custom Boxes, even if your quoting employee doesn't know how to build these! The Packaging Expert makes it easy for anyone to quote, it provides a quote form for your customer, and it prints building diagrams for you.

Try It Free for 90 Days!

Custom Box Making and Crate Building Software
crate building instructions
Crate Building Training and Instructions

We have made a lot of money from your Crate Building course. Many people will tell you it is easy to build a crate, and that is a true statement. The trick is to learn how to do it in the first place, and how to do it right. We ship a lot of art work in the $5,000 to $75,000 price range. We do that with confidence and we do it profitably because your video tape and the written materials made it so easy to learn.
--Larry Lehman
Dallas, Texas

. . . Thank you, and let your customers know that we love "The Packaging Expert" software! Our shipping department thanks you, too!
--Ron Belk, Owner
Belk-Thomas Enterprises

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