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Do you ever have unusual pieces that your company has to package but don't want to buy several boxes from a supplier to do a few packing jobs? Do you need custom box making diagrams? If you've ever lost money because you don't know how easy it is to make custom boxes, then this training material is for you.

Make custom corrugated fiberboard boxes so that you can package large or unusually sized items. Don't miss these large sales or forgo this easy yet great profit center of custom box making for your business.

Six different custom boxes are presented, in addition to tools, terms, and procedures. The boxes are made manually in the video so that the concept of making a box from a flat sheet of corrugated fiberboard can be grasped, which will aid in the use of any box maker that your company may have, too.

Included with this video is a booklet that gives suggestions and examples on pricing custom work, in addition to ten printed box diagrams.

45 Minutes DVD + Store Manual

Quickly quote Custom Boxes and Crate Building, even if your quoting employee doesn't know how to build these! The Packaging Expert makes it easy for anyone to quote, it provides a quote form for your customer, and it prints building diagrams for you.

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Custom Box Making and Crate Building Software

Custom Boxes and training for packing large items for shipping
how to make boxes

We have been building boxes by "guessing" as our business grew and required these. After we watched your video, we have saved our time and costs by 75% and have professional looking boxes! Also, we learned new box styles to make the most out of our inventory. Thank you, and let your customers know that we love "The Packaging Expert" software! Our shipping department thanks you, too!
--Ron Belk, Owner
Belk-Thomas Enterprises

I have just reviewed Custom Box Making, and it will now become the third staple of our employee program. The video and workbook teach the new employee the basics of measuring and dimensions as well as explaining types of corrugated board and the tools used in box making. Even after six years in the business and the creation of numerous custom boxes, I found helpful hints that will make the process easier and more uniform.
--Josephine Wheeler
The Mail Depot

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