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  VAN offers gift wrapping training for retail  businesses
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Learn professional gift wrapping techniques for retail stores, how to do effective displays, and how to process orders quickly. This gift wrap training video is designed for companies that want to tap into the gift wrapping service business, want good training instructions, and want to know how to do it quickly and professionally.

A booklet is included with suggestions on how to process orders at your counter quickly, along with other products that support gift wrapping service.

Professional Gift Wrapping Techniques:

  • How to measure paper efficiently
  • How to use double-sided tape to make the gift appear as seamless as possible
  • How to do different wrapping techniques

Training Suggestions on:

  • What gift wrap papers to buy depending on your budget
  • What paper designs are appropriate on different sizes of gifts
  • How to use quick bows, ribbons, and other decorations to make gifts look special
  • Alternatives to gift wrap paper

Effective Gift Wrapping Service Displays

It's easy to do effective gift wrapping displays, and good displays DO make a difference in your sales!

Manual Bow Making

A segment on manual bow making is in the video in case you want to make the $10+ bows to sell.

42 Minutes DVD + Store Manual

gift wrapping training for retail stores
Gift Wrapping Training



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