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Developed to assist packing, shipping, and other retail stores in planning for a profitable December, this manual covers estimating sales day by day, budgets, operations, advertising, and inventory. December can make or break your business, so prepare for it now.

Written by the owners and operations managers of a retail packing and shipping store chain of over two decades, this manual offers suggestions to other retail businesses, too. Learn our experience and techniques that we find to be effective in planning for a most profitable month when your business does packing or shipping.

We have done many national surveys, and we present what participants have given to us in estimating daily sales trends and other effects on business.

Estimating Sales Information includes:

  • How one should look at sales trends and the day of the week on which Christmas falls and why
  • How to estimate December sales (see CD included)
  • National stores' experiences with December sales
  • What to expect with first year's December sales
  • How to estimate your budget and income for December

Employee Labor Information includes:

  • Budgeting
  • Advertising
  • How to do Work Schedules
  • Training
  • Store Operations
  • Holiday Meetings and Forms

Other information includes:

  • Advertising your store(s)
  • Ad copies for packaging and shipping stores
  • Inventory tips to make the season easier
  • Miscellaneous Store Operations and Tips
  • Supportive figures and graphs
  • Form copies to use

shipping stores holiday

Store Manual + CD with forms in MS Excel® and Word® format

Retail Store Holiday December Store Planning
Holiday Planning for Retail Stores

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Our surveys with those who have participated over the years shows that our experience gives a good estimate of what to expect with daily sales with retail packing and shipping stores in a general market.

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