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Tips and answers to commonly asked questions from packing and
shipping store veterans and consultants on how or whether to open a packing and shipping store.

  • Should you be independent or go with a packing and shipping store franchise?
  • How do you select a good location, and what are tips for lease negotiations?
  • What are some issues of which to be aware when buying an existing store?
  • What is an average profit?
  • What is the difference between gross profit margin and net margin, and what can one expect?
  • How does one implement different profit centers?
  • What are the different pricing strategies for shipping?
  • How does one set-up a store?
  • What does one need to know about insurance in the packing and shipping industry?
  • What should you expect when you open more than one store?
  • What can you expect personally from being in this business?
  • How absent should an owner be in this business?
  • How does one do a business plan?
  • What are tips on store layout design?
  • What are some vendor suggestions?
  • What are standard box sizes and types that fit most needs?
  • What are tips on assets to consider?
  • What to know about common tools.
  • What are the operational issues with retail packing and shipping stores, and how to learn more about basic operations of a business.

These and more questions answered. See the following description links and two tables of contents that come with this product . The Packing and Shipping Stores' Operations Manual is included with this product.


After building a chain of six packing and shipping stores, being in business for twenty-four years, in addition to twelve years of consulting and assisting others to open and build mail and parcel centers, we decided to write this book. Many of the questions that our clients ask are the same, so we answered these questions, as well as including other information that we know is important when opening a pack and ship store.We want to make the information to common questions inexpensive to access. Packing and shipping consulting costs can range from $65 to $500 an hour, not to mention travel expenses. This book gives you at least eighty hours of basic consulting questions answered for implementing a packing and shipping store operation.

pack store

Franchise or Independent How to Open a Retail Packing and Shipping Store
Don't Forget to See the
New Store Operator Specia

"Thank you for the incite in your Packaging and Shipping Training Products. My wife and I were very close to purchasing an existing Postal Center in our small town. After following your outline in "How to Open a Mail & Parcel Center," we realized the purchase of the store was not economically feasible. The business plan and due diligence proved our intent would have been financially unstable and doomed for failure. We can now peruse another business venture with confidence and an understanding we did not have before reading your material. It is very evident the time and thought that went into the development and implementation of your products. Thanks again.
--Mike & Kathy Dorsey

"After considering opening a Mail and Parcel Center, I quickly realized how much I didn't know about the business. And in this day and age, lack of knowledge can spell disaster. After an Internet search for answers, I found Vision Alliance Network. Their assortment of books and manuals saved me countless time and money and answered questions that convinced me to open a mail and parcel center. Thanks to Vision Alliance Network, I have the necessary tools and a new friend in the business!"
--George Lisi

How to Open a Mail and Parcel Center Store You Get Both Manuals with This Product

Initially, the Packaging & Shipping Stores' Operations Manual was intended as part of How to Open a Mail & Parcel Center, but our customers who already had been in in the packing and shipping stores business for many years only wanted to have the operational section of this book. Therefore, we split this product into two sections, and this product is a set of books. We decided that we wouldn't sell this manual without the Operations Manual, since that would defeat the purpose of helping you to make an informed decision.

One of the major benefits of this book is that it comes with many forms and files that you can use in MS (Microsoft) Word and Excel. For example, we actually do the major part of a business plan in the book to give you ideas on the thought processes that take place. You can use the Excel spreadsheet to "plug in" numbers for various assets and costs as we give you suggestions on how to get these numbers. The spreadsheet will update to an income statement for you so that you can see what it may cost to open and start your business.

How to Open a Mail & Parcel Center Package is not intended to replace the benefits of hiring a professional consultant or developer to work with you one-on-one, or to replace the benefits that you may derive from being involved with a franchise. For example, this manual can not actually do your store layout, do part of your store build-out (putting up slotwall, laying carpet and tile, etc.), train you one-on-one, actually do the work and research that we discuss in this book, or be available to you for questions and assistance after you open. However, this book does discuss many issues.

Overall, this book is written to help you make educated decisions about your business future and to help you to learn about the major issues associated with opening a retail packing and shipping store. Below you can view the Tables of Contents and files included with this product.

Click on the links below to see the Tables of Contents and a list of files included on the CD ROMS included with this product. The information below is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have this reader, visit

Check our Package Specials to review our New Store Operator Package.

This product includes the Packing and Shipping Stores' Operations Manual. Note that many operational manuals for this industry mostly include information on the freight carriers. Since packaging, shipping, and carrier information is in the manual that comes with Basic Packaging & Shipping 101, we did not duplicate it in this product.

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