Pack and ship training for mail box stores, and other packing and shipping businesses
Packing Shipping Training
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Note that any order which contains Basic Packaging & Shipping 101, Custom Box Making and How to Package Fragile Items will have manuals placed together into a 2 inch binder. This is so that these reference manuals which are commonly used will be in one binder for easy access. This binder is called the Pack & Ship Training Manual. Also, multiple videos may be placed in one larger DVD case for your ease of keeping all in one place.
New Pack Ship Store Package

What we suggest as the basics to new store owners
$298.08 Saves $132.92 off the regular price (30.8%)

  Standard Training Package

The standard training reference for packing and shipping. All manuals are put into a 2 inch binder for easy reference. The 3 DVDs may be put into one case for your easy reference.
$232.20 Saves $55.80 off the regular price (19.4%)

Large Freight Packing Shipping Package

The "Learn How to Make Big Profit Margins Now" Package. Shipping large items is easier than you think. Custom box making and basic crate building both include manuals and DVDs. The Packaging Expert Software is included.
$247.50 Saves $57.50 off the regular price (19%)

A Sales Marketing for Packing Shipping Stores

Learn how to actively sell! One manual and three booklets included.
$112.50 Saves $28.50 off the regular price (20.2%)

Pack and Ship Video Package

Includes all five videos and accompanying manuals (3 are put into a 2 inch binder) for major profit centers for most packing and shipping retail stores and businesses.
$319.50 Saves $98.50 off the regular price (23.6%)

  Complete Packing Shipping Training Products Package

This is the complete package! 5 DVDs, 12 Manuals (3 in the Pack & Ship Binder), and The Packaging Expert Software are included.
$760.50 Saves $273.50 off the regular price (26.5%)

Order One or Two Products OR Design Your Own Package Special
RSA Premium Members: Individual Products are discounted 10% as shown below.
You can design your own package special with the following additional discounts (will be reflected when you add to cart).

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Basic Packing & Shipping 101 $142.20

Custom Box Making $58.50

How to Package Fragile Items $58.50


Basic Crate Building $58.50

Professional Gift Wrapping $58.50

How to Open a Mail & Parcel Center $178.20


Pack Ship Stores' Guerilla Sales & Marketing $56.70

Art of Renting Mailboxes (PMB) $35.10

Pack & Ship Stores' Operations Manual $76.50


Supplemental Profit Centers for MPCS $35.10

Employee Manual $35.10

Holiday Planning Manual $56.70


Updates to Your Basic Packing & Shipping Manual

Packaging Expert Software $157.50

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